Microsafe Aqua Systems is pioneer in water and waste water filtration solutions

About Microsafe Aqua

Microsafe Aqua Systems is pioneer in water and waste water filtration solutions, for more than 25 years of dedicated field experience, developing exceptional solutions for extreme conditions based on applications in the Industrial, Municipal & Irrigation Market.

The systems are design and integrated into the core of water treatment and filtration systems using advance high-end technology with small footprint and minimum maintenance, for water & wastewater treatment, Primary and Secondary Water Treatment for Micro-irrigation, Polishing & Protection of membrane, wastewater treatment, Recirculating cooling water systems and Ocean water filtration. The system design are built for Quality, reliability & high efficiency, supported by Microsafe Aqua commitment to provide excellent customer service by offering world class product on filtration technology starting from automatic, semiautomatic, high end glass media filtration, screen, disc, microfiber technologies down to >1 micron under one roof. Design and deliver large capacity systems of Steel / Power & other industries starting from 500 m3/hr to 20,000 m3/hr, total capacity design for industry is more than 6,00,000 m3/hr. Similarly design and deliver large capacity systems for irrigation market of capacity ranging from 3,000 m3/hr to 6,000 m3/hr for single stream, total design capacity for irrigation is more than 1,50,000 m3/hr

Providing Value to our customer through Sustainable, Reliable, Affordable Services and Solutions

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We provide Water and Waste
Water Treatment Solutions

Pioneers of Water & Waste Water!

Filtration Technology,
Engineering Solution for Industrial, Municipal, Irrigation, Oil & Gas and Ballast Water

To become the global market leader by offering world class products on Water Treatment and Filtration Technology and providing safe treated water under one roof.
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Years of Experience
A Field experience & domain expertise into Water & Waste Water filtration technology, Engineering Solutions.
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successful applications for industry, municipal & agricultural market. Delivering high performance solutions for extreme conditions with exceptional result along with 24X7 service support.

Innovation, Quality And Continuous Improvement

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